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Starting with an order for a Perceived Noise Level calculator to the Anglo-French supersonic Concorde project in 1967, Norsonic has for over 55 years used our technical expertise to develop sound instrumentation of high precision and quality.

Combining advanced technology and user-friendliness, we have focused on the user and applications rather than on the complexity of the instrument.

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Product development timeline

All the above-mentioned products have been designed in close relationship with our main clients and distributors in more than 40 countries throughout the world ensures contact with users and the development of products in parallel with the emerging needs for them.

Based on our “all-in-one” philosophy, we develop complete solutions that can be compared to portable laboratories. By careful attention to the user’s requirements at the design stage, it has been possible to increase the complexity of the instrument yet preserve a user interface that is convenient and easy to understand.

Norsonic has always used approx. 20% of the turnover in research and development. A great portion of this amount is used to design new features in existing products. We are active member of the international standardization work to ensure that you as a Norsonic customer keep your products up to date for many years after your initial purchase. Norsonic Calibration Laboratory (NCL) is an international accredited laboratory. Products producing absolute levels, such as acoustical calibrators, tapping machines and reference sound sources are supplied with accredited calibration certificates as a part of the delivery. This is unique, and not done by any other supplier.

At Norsonic, we are proud to serve our customers and listen to their needs. It is by listening to our customers’ needs that keep Norsonic at the forefront of the world market for sound and vibration instrumentation.

Our vision is to supply our customers with the most innovative sound instrumentation for the most accurate sound measurements for another 50 years!

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Jobb hos Norsonic

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